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Top Protein-containing foods


Discover the top Protein-containing foods.

All human beings depend on a balanced and healthy diet so that our bodies are strong and healthy.

Part of a healthy diet includes the consumption of foods that contain proteins and, in this publication we will tell you what proteins are, how they benefit you, and in what foods you can get them.

What are proteins?

Proteins are a type of macronutrient that our body needs, in relatively large quantities.


These are essential to strengthen our immune system, as well as for the construction, maintenance, and repair of tissues.

Proteins are mainly found in foods of animal origin, but also some foods of plant origin.

How do proteins benefit the body?

The consumption of proteins is necessary because they are the main structural component of cells and tissues. In this sense, we must consume them to:

Encourage growth.
Maintain and repair body tissues.
The production of metabolic and digestive enzymes.


In the case of children, protein consumption should be higher than in adults, because they are in the growth stage.

Just like children, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding demand a greater amount of protein than other people.

According to the WHO, protein consumption in adults should be 0.85g / kg in men and 0.80g / kg in women.

Know the foods that contain protein

Different foods provide proteins to the human body, these are some of them:


Dairy products: we can find them in milk, cheese, and yogurt, in addition to their calcium intake, they are a source of high-quality proteins that help to maintain and repair organs and body tissues.

It is worth saying that this type of food is considered a “complete protein”.

Cereals and beans: they are a source of protein, it is advisable to consume cereals and beans to consume a complete protein.

Meats: such as chicken, beef, fish, among others, are rich in proteins and minerals such as zinc, so we need them to stimulate our growth. In addition to zinc, they contain iron, necessary to avoid developing anemia.


Eggs: being a product of animal origin, it also contains proteins, as well as vitamin A among other nutrients.
what foods contain protein

Types of proteins:

Proteins are classified as “complete” or “incomplete” based on their amino acid content.

Complete proteins are those proteins that contain the nine essential amino acids in sufficient concentrations to cover daily requirements, such as egg or dairy proteins.

Incomplete proteins are proteins deficient in one or more amino acids of the nine essential amino acids that must be provided by food, for example, beans (beans, cereals).


Complete and incomplete proteins

Take into account that the proteins that girls, boys, and adolescents consume must be of animal origin: poultry, fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, and derivatives.

Now that you know more about foods that contain protein, do not neglect their daily consumption. That way you will stay healthy and strong for many years


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