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Top foods for shrinking fibroids


Discover the top foods for shrinking fibroids.

Here is a very big subject !! Hormones… We care about the war, and yet they are so important.

The life of a woman is punctuated by her menstrual cycle, and when a hormonal imbalance occurs, we may have uterine fibroids (muscle fibers in the form of a ball in the uterus), these are non-cancerous tumors without seriousness. but which can handicap the life of the women…

For my part, I have small worries about fibroids which could be operated on if I wanted it. This suddenly explained a lot of things: my fatigue, very abundant periods with curds, my iron deficiency … the worst of it when you think you are on a healthy diet, that we cook a lot of things ourselves, that we exercise, that we are hardly ever ill (and when it happens that we take care of ourselves naturally in 99% of cases) …


We then recover. the question, but what could have happened ?? !! It seems that from the age of 30, one in three women suffers from uterine fibroids. That says a lot about the level of women’s health today …

A fibroid is not a disease, it is an indicator of the health of the body that indicates something is wrong. Although it can be disturbing (bleeding, heaviness in the lower abdomen…), I take fibroids as a good thing.

Already, this is a sign that my body is fine since it reacts, on the other hand, it made me realize that my body was suffering from acidity and that I had to change my lifestyle.

Exploring the different avenues of the causes of fibroids

A long personal work of remembering takes place… Why do I have fibroids? Finding the cause would be ideal, but it is sometimes not so obvious … And especially in hormonal matters, there can be many possible causes, here are some ideas:


• Most uterine fibroids would be flagrant signs of deep intoxication of the uterus due to unsuitable food ( too acidifying and too rich in estrogen: meats, dairy products, cereals such as wheat, oats, rice, etc. ), drugs, pollutants in intimate protection, lack of sport…

An acidic organism will have the effect of accumulating toxins. We must therefore try to be as neutral as possible. Here is an explanatory list of acidifying / alkalizing foods.

It should therefore ideally eat as much alkalizing as possible to help the body to regenerate (I will come back to this later in the article). You can test your acidity by purchasing pH strips at a drugstore.

• My gynecologist told me that fibroids can appear when there is too much estrogen in the body, this can be due to a diet too rich in estrogen, but also if we have taken the contraceptive pill for many years.


The contraceptive pill or the IUD are packed with hormones, very useful in preventing pregnancy but it is not without consequences from a hormonal point of view.

• Another cause can be the use of non-organic tampons and towels using chlorine and a whole bunch of other harmful products that are in direct contact with our private parts …

• Medicine also explains that there is a link between obesity and fibroids and an overloaded or exhausted liver.

The liver is supposed to process excess estrogen before it is released back into the body. If the liver is overworked, it may not do the job properly, and you end up with either fat in which excess estrogen is trapped, or fibroids or other annoyances.


• Environmental causes: many are from the generation of babies raised from bottle-feeding, except bottles at the time certainly contained bisphenol A …

An American study showed that female rats and their babies exposed to bisphenol A had developed tumors from the uterus…

There is also pollution in the air, pesticides, and a whole bunch of other potential causes, for example, if you work in a place using chemicals…

Emotional causes: they can be more difficult to identify, we must remember our past, what we have lived, possible traumas, the loss of a loved one, the desire to have children or not, stressful situations, our negative energies…


You can then help yourself with alternative therapies such as hypnosis, EMDR, laughter yoga, etc. I think that identifying them and accepting their causes is already a big job for yourself.

• Family causes: question the women in your family on both sides (maternal and paternal), this can help you see more clearly. Note that women of African descent are the most affected by fibroids.

The list would still belong to all the possible causes, trying to identify the causes as well as possible helps especially to take the measures to correct its causes.

For example, if you eat a lot of tofu (in my opinion the worst food for fibroids), then stop eating it first. This will only improve (and at least not make it worse) the situation.


What to see now are the possible ways to alleviate the fibroid genes. My gynecologist then offered me surgery as the only remedy. The hysteroscopy is an operation under general anesthesia to remove the 2 fibroids subserosal (the most annoying seemingly small but poorly located).

My gynecologist sends me to a surgeon who advises me of outright hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) because according to him, there are too many fibroids and I will have to have it removed sooner or later …

I am 38 years old, I don’t think about it, it’s too young… I have 7 fibroids in total, 2 operable and 5 inoperable… Of course, if it is necessary to have surgery, that it is the only cure, I will do it without hesitation, but my fibroids are not an emergency in my case (it just gives me a heavy period), I prefer to study diet and natural solutions before considering any surgery. I will talk about diet in this article, I also wrote an article on natural solutions for fibroids.

So I watched a lot of lectures from doctors and professors in medicine, biology, naturopaths, I learned a lot about food as well as hormonal functioning.


Analyze your diet with a magnifying glass

So I decided to take an interest in what I eat, I made a list of all my favorite dishes (the ones I eat most often) on a piece of paper to start. Then I did an internet search for each food.

I am discovering that many of these so-called healthy foods may not be suitable at all because they are too rich in estrogen. Apart from a fibroid can appear or grow if there is too much estrogen in the body, the first interesting track.

Here I am gone for days and days of deciphering food, I watch everything! If they are rich in estrogen, minerals, and vitamins, etc. A long but necessary work to fully understand, I want to find the source of the problem.


According to my research, my big dietary mistakes would be to have drunk alcohol quite often (aperitif or outings with friends), to have eaten canned organic legumes and especially soybeans (fresh soybeans, tofu, milk of soy vanilla), I would point out that the soy sauce or the miso are fermented so no problem, having drunk coffee every day…

I also ate a lot of goat cheese, a lot of cereals, etc. To sum up, my body was very acidified by all these bad food combinations …

Hormones are a reflection of our health

I discovered that all foods have a hormonal reaction …

• Meat produces estrogen hormones, as animals are often fed cereals including corn or soy. You can eat meat, once a week, and quality grass-fed animals. Of course, we will cook the meat with gentle steam, yes you read that correctly, with gentle steam using Marion’s Vitalizer. The other cooking methods are not healthy.


• sugar produces the hormone insulin, off repeated insulin spikes cause fat, and fat can be turned into estrogen. Excess salt also decreases insulin sensitivity.

• the fruits produce the hormone leptin, the hormone of satiety. It is important to consume a lot of organic fruits and vegetables. Little or no compotes because we do not chew the compote, we gobble it up! You have to eat the real whole fruit. We will limit fruit juices even if they are made with an extractor, for the same reason that we do not chew the juices.

• caffeine and stress cause the hormone cortisol and tire the liver. When you have fibroids, you need a functioning liver because it is the liver that can convert estrogen into progesterone.

In addition, coffee produces a slight spike in insulin. We will therefore stop consuming coffee and tea, for me, stopping coffee was not easy (I loved it) but I saw a clear improvement.


• dairy products produce growth hormone, milk, cheese, as well as saturated fats which are packed with estrogen.

All of these hormones are necessary for the body but can become aggressive towards the body when the diet is not suitable for each individual.

And this is where it can get tough, everyone has different needs and you have to find what you need … It can be interesting to do a nutritional assessment with a professional.

The good news: we can naturally change the hormonal status through our lifestyle! Hormones are only partially conditioned by genetics; the regulation of hormonal secretion is largely under the influence of environmental factors and diet plays a major role but we must also take into account the emotional aspect (taking meals in peace for example), will come back to that.


Foods rich in estrogen and acidifying agents – to avoid when you have fibroids

We now know that foods rich in estrogen can promote the appearance of fibroids and/or make them grow. So when you have fibroids, you have to reduce your estrogen supply. Here is a list of estrogen-rich foods to cut from your diet while your fibroids shrink :

avoid soy: it is no longer to be demonstrated, soy is not very good for health, and whatever people say, the Chinese do not consume a lot… My mother-in-law is Chinese and a cook, she never consumes it, when I showed her a block of tofu, she didn’t know what it was !!

Recently, I received a newsletter from Marion Kaplan in which, she talks about soy, here is an excerpt:  “A good diet should avoid the consumption of soy and its derivatives because recent studies have shown its involvement in certain auto diseases. -immunes,  the estrogenic action of soy replacing natural hormones.

Soy contains significantly more phytoestrogens (in the form of isoflavones) than any other edible plant. However, these isoflavones are endocrine disruptors that are today suspected of aggravating hormone-dependent cancers (breast, uterus, prostate, ovaries), but also of disrupting the development of sexual organs as well as fertility, and of causing problems of thyroid and bone in some children. ”


• also avoid corn because it is rich in estrogen and very often GMO …

• consume legumes in moderation: chickpeas, lentils, peas, split peas… for me, it’s two or three times a week. We make them well soaked overnight with kombu seaweed to soften them (and ideally soaked in filtered water), we germinate them for a few days (it’s even better) and we cook them 5/10 minutes in the oven. Marion’s vitalizer so that they are al dente (recipe by Prof. Joyeux, the oncologist).

• eat cooked root and tuber vegetables in moderation: potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes, parsnips, carrots. The only exception is sweet potato because it is an important source of DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), depending on the needs, DHEA can be transformed into estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone. According to Marion Kaplan, it could therefore be interesting to consume sweet potato when you have fibroids, but I will add it in moderation anyway because it is a root vegetable anyway. You can eat a raw carrot in juice or a salad.

• do away with all dairy products: yogurts, cheeses, milk, pastries, pastries, bakeries, ice creams … From time to time, you can treat yourself to a goat cheese that you buy from the cheesemaker or the farmer, the cheeses of store-bought goats often contain 25% cow’s milk !! All dairy products are rich in growth factors and therefore contribute to the formation of fibroids.


•  cut out coffee and tea: it weakens the liver, apart from the liver helps regulate hormones, coffee and tea make the body acidic. You can replace coffee with chicory. Also, note that coffee and tea inhibit the absorption of iron for 45 minutes …

• consume coconut milk in moderation, I cooked very regularly with coconut milk because it is low and contains B vitamins, before realizing that it is very high in calories (188 kcal per 100 ml), it is also rich in fats (around 17%), rich in saturated long-chain fatty acids (lauric acid, myristic acid, and palmitic acid) which represent nearly 80% of its fats are saturated fats, excluding saturated fatty acids long-chain helps to produce estrogen. And finally, it has bad omega 6 and omega 3 ratios… So coconut milk, ok, but just now and then.

• avoid all cereals and in particular those with gluten: rice, wheat, rye, oats,… because they all have an estrogenic action. You can eat buckwheat, hemp, or quinoa in moderation (which are not grains), and that’s good because it also has a low iG.

avoid sugar: on the one hand for the health of your pancreas, on the other hand, to avoid gaining too much fat. I’m not saying to be all skinny, no, but if you have 10 pounds to lose try to lose them, it will prevent your body from tapping into fat for estrogen production. Prefer organic honey.


• alcohol and tobacco: of course, it is better if you can stop smoking and limit your alcohol consumption to one glass of organic red wine per day maximum.


beware of shrimps: I love shrimp but they are often full of additives to give them their color, and these additives behave like estrogen … Fortunately, not all are concerned, but you still have to have the possibility of buying quality shrimp. Ask the fishmonger for advice and avoid the fishmongers of the supermarkets.

• Avoid sage and ginseng as they stimulate the production of estrogen hormones.

avoid what intoxicates: overeating and snacking.


Tofu is completely removed from your diet when you have fibroids.

Foods to eat when you have fibroids

Here are the suggestions for a diet that has a positive impact on hormonal balance, so you should also consume so-called alkaline foods to help reduce the body’s acidity and inflammation:

organic is mandatory !! pesticides in industrial foods only aggravate fibroids and are known for their effects on hormonal disturbances as endocrine disruptors.


promote good fats: almonds and walnuts, various premium quality oils. Evening primrose or borage oil are very good hormonal regulators. The anti-inflammatory power of these 2 oils makes them an essential supplement when you have uterine fibroids.

favor light proteins: vegetable or animal (of small animals) such as small oily fish (mackerel, sardines, halibut), eggs, poultry, seafood … sometimes you can eat red meat if the animal has been raised in the open and ate grass. I remind you that all proteins are acidifying, eat a little yes, but not too much.

reduce portions to reduce fat mass. Moderate calorie restriction is essential for hormonal balance. No diet, just stop overeating and listen to your body.

If you have a good layer of fat, your liver is overwhelmed by events, it will not eliminate all estrogen, it will hide them in fat cells, so your body will draw on fat to make estrogen ever more numerous.


I also strongly advise you to purge yourself with castor oil if you have fibroids to help the installed mucus to come out. I do it twice a month.

I feel the best, I am convinced of its effectiveness… You can read the bookseller Grosjean’s zen detox cure on the subject, she conquered ovarian cancer by purging herself for 5 months every day (under the supervision of a naturopath).

• support the liver and the natural Detox process with foods like green vegetables, lemon, black radish, artichoke, onion, garlic, cabbage, you will also find drainers in organic supermarkets.

• drink plenty of water to help the toxins out, a lot of health concerns are said to be due to dehydration.


• eat lots of antioxidants – (fresh vegetables and fruits) because hormones are sensitive to oxidative stress. Lemon juice is anti-oxidant, as is pomegranate juice. Vegetables from the cabbage family, kale, red cabbage, Brussels, broccoli are excellent, eat more.

• fill up with omega-3 (linseed oil, rapeseed, oily fish, chia seeds) which promote balance by fighting against insulin resistance and inflammation. You can also take Algorigin’s vegan Omega 3 supplements.

• favor gluten-free foods: quinoa, hemp, buckwheat, vegetables, oilseeds …

• eat raw foods rich in soluble fiber which regulates hormones and estrogen levels in the blood (fruits, vegetables, seaweed, oilseeds), fiber also helps the large intestine flush out toxins. by adding cinnamon, for example, it’s a treat.


• think of trace elements like iron (fibroids can cause profuse bleeding), which is found in algae, cocoa, egg yolk, pork, you can also take spirulina Iron Algorigin, it is wonderful.

• detoxify your intestine with psyllium and spirulina algae, they absorb all the toxins found in the intestine, and they also form a gel that lubricates the stool.

• think of vitamin B, it will help the liver to transform estrogen. It is found in almonds, mushrooms, wild fish, cashews, peppers, avocado, bananas, green vegetables, oranges, etc.

• naturally balance your hormones with phytoestrogens such as Maca powder,  get 5 € discounts at greenweed with the sponsorship code 5JYYAD61. Maca is an adaptogenic plant that balances many hormonal disorders, there are also al dente chickpeas (once a week) …


• filtered water: Plastic water bottles are sometimes worse than tap water.

In a very interesting book that I read on the cases of exceptional cancer cures, the 9 keys to remission (even if we are talking about fibroids, therefore not cancerous, if we know how to avoid cancer, it is always useful!), all people have accomplished 9 major dietary or emotional measures including the consumption of filtered water.

Plastic bottles promote estrogen this is why I strongly advise against bottled water and going through a water filtration system.

The filtered water is pure, it has no more minerals of course, but you will have them in the diet, it will also be free of all pesticides, hormones, drugs, etc.


• Plant-based milk and coconut water: I am not a heavy consumer of plant-based milk. If you like vegetable milk, I advise you to make them yourself, so you will be sure of the quality of your milk and it’s very easy to do, you will find lots of recipes on the internet.

In addition, prefer oilseed milks (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.) rather than cereals (rice, oats, etc.).

When I sometimes make pastries, I use either almond milk or coconut water instead of milk, it is an excellent source of potassium, very low in calories, and slightly sweet naturally. In addition, it is an excellent recovery drink with physical exertion.

• herbal teas made from chaste trees, Achille millefolium, lady’s mantle, raspberry leaves, and yam help regulate hormones. On the site, the author advises the following:


• From the 8th to the 24th day of the cycle for a 28-day cycle. In the middle of the two midday and evening meals, take one Gatillier Solaray capsule. It slows down the production of estrogen

• From 12 th  to 24 th day of the cycle, again for a 28-day cycle, take one capsule of Mexican Yam. This increases the production of progesterone.

• Add a capsule of evening primrose oil which contributes to hormonal balance.

• the sport !! yes, we are moving… active women would be less prone to fibroids. So we take the time to sweat for real, not just run and live a mile an hour.


Even if everyday life is a sport, I’m talking about real sport here, the one that gives pleasure, the one that makes us feel confident and happy at the end of the session…

We will avoid sports with strong impacts if our fibroids make you feel a heaviness in the lower abdomen: horse riding, running, combat sports… Indoor sports like the HIT are excellent.

The balance of the plate

85% vegetable + 15% protein

This is our ratio of intestinal bacteria


85% good bacteria and 15% bacteria for proteins

Hormonal health is first and foremost about prevention, but we can always take action to improve a situation of imbalance.

It’s an everyday job, both nutritional and mental, treat yourself to moments of relaxation every day, it’s important to reduce fatigue and stress and to play sports at least 3 times a week, for my part, I do fitness and cycling.


Cabbages, green vegetables, spinach support the action of the liver and are very good when you have fibroids.

Need some cooking recipe ideas?

Make a Paleo / Crusine / Sweet Steam mix …

I have had various food trends in recent years, I have been a pure vegetarian for 2 years (at that time, I consumed a lot of tofu and soybeans …), then again omnivorous, then fléxitarienne (vegetarian with rarely animal products)…

I looked for a long time for my food mode, today, thanks to my fibroids, I see more healthy food with a diet “low in estrogen”. Of course, this diet is specific to fibroids. Also note that depending on your age, a woman nearing menopause will not have the same needs as a 35-year-old woman.


I would add that an alkalizing (and not acidifying) diet is essential when you have fibroids. I was very skeptical about “eating raw”, I am now convinced that I have seen such improvement.

The Paleo diet corresponds, in part, to this way of eating and cooking (because it avoids cereals, dairy products, processed products).

Of course, in the case of fibroids, we limit the meat intake to once a week (and we choose organic meats from small animals fed on grass or without GMOs).

This diet promotes fruits and vegetables in large quantities, a little meat or fish, eggs, good oils, and oilseeds.


The crustiness is also interesting, I like the idea of eating raw to get a maximum of nutrients since I eat more and more like this, I notice that my health is improving, for example, I had fragile nails, they got strong in just 10 raw days.

I always recommend drinking something hot or lukewarm when eating raw (even in summer) especially for people who digest badly.

The gentle steam, I don’t present it to you anymore… This cooking mode has changed my life, I cook at 40% with Marion’s Vitaliseur, 50% raw and keep 10% of the cooking in the oven or the wok to have a balance humidity/heat, gentle steam being humid cooking.

To date, I think this diet is the most varied and healthy when you have fibroids. This opinion is only my opinion, make a point with a nutritionist or your gynecologist if he knows about nutrition.


In any case, test and find for yourself the diet that suits you best. I would like to draw your attention, that on the internet, there are a lot of vegan or vegetarian recipes using excessive soy, tofu, tempeh, vegetable soy milk, in my opinion, it is to be avoided.

Do not forget also, from time to time, to make an intermittent fast, it will do the greatest good for your body, one or two days a week according to the people.


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