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Forbidden foods to keep triglyceride levels healthy


Discover the forbidden foods to keep triglyceride levels healthy.

To prevent our triglyceride levels from rising more than desired, it is advisable to take care of our diet daily

Do not eat this, do not eat the other, control yourself here … we are all tired of depriving ourselves of those foods that raise our triglycerides and that do so badly to our body, however, there is no other way to complete well-being.


For this reason, in this article, we will make clear what are the forbidden foods if we want to run away leaving behind the high levels of triglycerides, and move to a diet more healthy.

We call triglycerides the fat in the blood that makes our body have energy. At healthy levels, triglycerides are vital to the health of our heart, liver, and pancreas.

For this reason, it is advisable to regulate the intake of foods loaded with this type of fat. Food and sports are the best allies to combat fat and triglyceride levels that harm our well-being.

Measuring our triglyceride levels from time to time through a blood test is vital to check that everything is fine.


In addition, we must bear in mind that controlling triglycerides are essential to ensure that everything is fine in our heart since having them too high can increase the risk of heart disease.

In this article, we are going to reveal the forbidden foods that we must avoid at all costs to keep triglyceride levels at bay.

High triglyceride levels occur after eating when our body converts all the calories it does not need into triglycerides.

For this reason, we must be careful with the number of calories consumed per day, as too many could stimulate the production of triglycerides in the liver.


Foods to avoid if you have high triglycerides

To prevent our triglyceride levels from rising more than desired, it is advisable to watch our diet, see the calories we eat and check how many we need.

In this sense, we list the foods that we must avoid at all costs if what we want is to get away from this unwanted fat:

▪ Butter and margarine should be avoided by people who want to lower triglycerides.

▪ Fatty or processed meats, such as ham, bacon, or hot dogs


▪ Coconut, palm, and animal fat oils.

▪ Avoid sugary drinks like Coca-Cola or Fanta.

All those foods that give us more calories than we are going to burn should always be supervised.

That is, we must control their consumption and in case of ingesting them, the ideal would be to lead a balanced and relatively ‘fitness’ lifestyle to be able to burn those junk calories that we have so much excess.


How to keep triglycerides under control

To keep triglycerides under control, blood tests allow the doctor to have the information necessary to determine a patient’s diagnosis.

In addition, it allows following the evolution in patients who are already being treated for some pathology. In this sense, the triglyceride test is usually part of the lipid profile.

Triglyceride levels can be among the following parameters:

▪ Less than 150 mg / dL: Desirable


▪ 150-199 mg / dL: At the upper limit

▪ 200-499 mg / dL: High

▪ 500 mg / dL or more: Very high

Healthy people should have a triglyceride test every four to six years. However, if you have any of the following health risks, this test is recommended more often:


▪ Family history of heart disease

▪ Smoking

▪ Overweight

▪ Unhealthy eating habits


▪ Lack of exercise

▪ Diabetes

▪ High blood pressure

▪ Age: Menage 45 and older and women age 50 and older are at increased risk for heart disease


To prepare for the test, we just have to fast (do not eat or drink) for 9 to 12 hours before the blood draw.

Your doctor or health professional will tell you if you need to fast or follow any special instructions.


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