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Foods that cause the most gas


These are the foods that cause the most gas
Broccoli, artichokes or peas are some of the foods that generate the most gases.

Gases are one of the most common problems in both children and adults.

Eliminating gases, once they have accumulated in the body, is a complicated task that may even require medication.

That is why it is advisable to avoid, as far as possible, those foods that cause more gas.


What are those foods that cause gas naturally? We are going to know them below so that you can try to reduce them from your daily diet.

Foods to avoid to reduce gas

Some foods inevitably produce more gas than others. That is why you must know which are the foods that generate the most gases if you are especially sensitive to them.

Broccoli: broccoli, like other cruciferous vegetables, causes a high amount of gas in the body.

This occurs because broccoli contains refined, sugar that is not digested until it reaches the intestinal bacteria.


The fact of not being able to be digested directly causes a bloating in the stomach that, finally, ends up causing the dreaded gas.
eliminate food gases

Artichoke: artichokes contain a very high amount of fructose, which can promote gas formation.

Peas: Peas are high in soluble fiber, a type of fiber that can absorb a large amount of water and causes the legume to increase in size.

Artificial sweeteners: Containing sorbitol, artificial sweeteners may also create gas.


Lentils: like other legumes with skin, such as chickpeas or any type of bean, they can cause a large amount of gas in the body.


It is for this very reason that many people say that they cannot consume legumes because then they feel stomach discomfort.

It is best to avoid legumes with their skins or, at the most, to soak them for several hours before putting them on the fire.

Milk – Lactose, which is found naturally in milk, can also cause gas that gets worse with age.


It is important to take into account that lactases, which are found in the body and which help us digest lactose, are lost as we grow, so we do not have the same tolerance when we are children as when we are adults.
Habits to avoid reducing gas

But not only food can produce gases. There are other causes to take into account to avoid its formation.

•No Smoking.
•Avoid eating gum.
•Do not eat candy.
•Do not talk excessively while we eat.
•Avoid using straws to drink.
•Do not consume carbonated drinks.
•Try to steam or cook vegetables in a quick cooker with little water.

•Avoid eating quickly.


•Do not drink alcoholic beverages.
Avoid excess fiber in the diet.

Tips to avoid gas (and that is not food)

Having gas every day is very annoying. That is why, in addition to taking care of the food you eat, it is recommended to carry out another series of actions to reduce them.

Stay well hydrated

Having good hydration is essential for the body to be healthy and function one hundred percent.

To avoid gas, it is recommended to drink at least two liters of water a day to avoid a lack of hydration in the body.


Physical exercise

Staying active is essential for good health. By exercising, we facilitate intestinal contractions, which means that we will avoid constipation and, therefore, the accumulation of gases.

Of course, it is not necessary to obsess. You only need to walk at a fast pace, a minimum, 30 minutes each day to reduce inflammation and relax the stomach area and avoid stomach pain


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