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8 foods you should not freeze


Discover the 8 foods you should not freeze.

For fear of running out or simply not losing leftovers, the French tend to fill their freezers.

This allows food to be well preserved over time while maintaining its freshness.

But not everything reacts well to cold temperatures. Here are the foods that you should avoid putting in the freezer.



Watermelon, melon, cucumber… The water present in these fruits and vegetables will partly evaporate during defrosting.

To avoid ending up with frankly soft textures, we would prefer to taste them fresh. However, in the form of soup, there is no problem. It can even help prevent waste.


It’s a terrible idea to put your eggs in the freezer. The shell may break with the cold. Worse, the egg can burst completely. Same advice for hard-boiled eggs.


The low temperatures will make it rubbery and very unpleasant to consume. On the other hand, it is quite possible to freeze the whites. They can be used later in the preparation of a recipe.


Fresh (goat) and soft (Camembert) cheeses are rich in water. When thawing, they risk becoming mealy and crumbling.

It won’t look the best on a cheeseboard. On the other hand, for those with a hard paste, it is possible.


The potato and the tubers cannot stand the cold. Rich in starch, they age faster when in the freezer.


To avoid ending up with black and stunted potatoes, we will take care to leave them in a dry and dark space.

Note: once cooked, there is no problem. We can therefore freeze gratin, mash, or another potato-based recipe.


When there is a lot of sauce left in a dish, we sometimes tend to put it in a bag and keep it in the freezer for another time.

Very bad reflex. Sauces do not resist defrosting well. They may well end up tasteless and without creaminess. To avoid.



Same warning for all kinds of dessert creams. As they contain milk, there is a risk when thawing it to curdle.

It is better to consume them before their expiry date, or even a little later, as consumers’ associations regularly point out.


A large number of people freeze bread to store it and thus avoid going to the baker every day.

The problem is, that once placed in the freezer, the bread will absorb all the smells of neighboring products. We will therefore avoid wedging it next to a fish.



No, putting lettuce in the freezer is not a great idea. We thaw it, the water will evaporate.

There will only be a very soft salad completely unusable for the kitchen.


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