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8 foods that help take care of teeth and gums


Discover the 8 foods that help take care of teeth and gums.

The intake of certain foods and correct oral hygiene is essential for the care of teeth and gums

Following proper oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Although the intake of certain foods can also have a transcendental influence on oral health, both for better and for worse.

In this sense, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) points out that between 60% and 90% of young people and almost 100% of adults have cavities. Thus, they warn that this percentage could be reduced by modifying certain oral hygiene and eating habits.


Poor diet, smoking, inadequate oral hygiene, and alcohol consumption are some of the most influential factors in the health of teeth and gums.

The importance of oral hygiene

Oral hygiene does not only consist of brushing your teeth superficially after each meal. Correct oral hygiene is based on brushing for two or three minutes after each meal and before bed.

In addition, for complete oral hygiene that guarantees the health of the teeth and gums, it is necessary to accompany brushing with the use of dental floss and mouthwash. In this way, we will reduce the risk of developing different diseases, not only in the mouth but also in other areas of the body.


On the other hand, complete oral hygiene and a correct diet also help to have good breath and avoid halitosis. Water, orange, apple, or tea are some of the most beneficial foods for bad breath.

8 foods for healthy teeth.

Below we list a total of 8 foods that help preserve the health of teeth and gums, in addition to preventing the development of some oral diseases:


Oily fish: The vitamin D content of this type of food helps facilitate the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, two key minerals for the gums and teeth.

Kiwi and grapefruit: They are foods rich in vitamin C, a key vitamin to stimulate the production of collagen by the body. And is that collagen is essential for the gums? Lemon, red pepper, parsley, broccoli, or papaya are also rich in vitamin C.


Eggs and legumes: These two foods are also excellent sources of calcium, beyond milk and dairy products. The health of your teeth will thank you.

Yogurts and dairy products: Main source of calcium, a key mineral for the strength and health of bones; and also teeth.

Strawberries: They are a fruit rich in vitamin C, but they also contain Xylitol, which attacks the bacteria that cause dental plaque. This food also stimulates blood circulation in the gums.

Celery: This plant-based food helps promote saliva production and helps clean teeth and removes stains from teeth. All this is due to its malic acid content.


Green tea: Its antioxidant capacity prevents inflammation of the gums.

Beer: According to the experts at ‘Saber Vivir’, beer helps keep teeth strong due to its calcium and silicon content. Blondes are preferable and preferably without alcohol.

The consumption of all these foods in a moderate way helps to preserve and improve the health of the teeth and gums; yes, as long as it is accompanied by proper oral hygiene daily.


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