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7 list of foods rich in vitamin E


Discover the 7 list of foods rich in vitamin E.

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble nutrient present in some foods that acts as an antioxidant.

One of its many functions is to help protect cells from the action of free radicals that cause oxidative stress , compounds that are created in the body when food is transformed into energy.

In addition, it strengthens your immune system and helps to dilate blood vessels, thus facilitating blood circulation. If you follow a varied diet that includes foods that contain vitamin E, you will feel more vital!



It is important that, depending on the needs of your body, consume adequate amount of vitamin E . As in many other cases, falling short is not good, but an excessive contribution can be detrimental.

The National Institute of Health recommends a daily consumption of about 15 grams in adults, but if you want to ensure the optimal amount you require, it is best that you let your specialist advise you .

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Vitamin E is one of the nutrients that allows cells to interact with each other. Something that is totally essential for our body.


But surely there is a question that has been around you since you started this post: what are the foods that contain a greater amount of vitamin E?

This nutrient is mainly found in vegetable oils, some fruits, green leafy vegetables, or nuts. Below, you will find a list of everything you need to know. Take note!



You may be surprised that sunflower oil contains more vitamin E than olive oil . But if you want to provide your body with this nutrient, sunflower oil is a very good option and its price is affordable.

Per 100 grams of sunflower oil you get about 41.08 grams of vitamin E . When buying it, pay close attention to the labeling and preferably consume virgin sunflower oil, since, as it is not refined, it contains many more beneficial properties.



All nuts are high in vitamin E, but almonds are the ones that provide the highest amount of this nutrient, specifically 23.9 grams per 100 grams.

You can include them in many ways in your diet, either as a snack , adding a touch of flavor to your salads or as part of the sauce in some stews.

Undoubtedly a great food or nut necessary for our body and great for our daily health.


They occupy the second place in contribution of vitamin E in the category of nuts , with 15.03 grams per 100 grams of hazelnuts.


They are very healthy and will give you a lot of energy. In addition, they are as simple to include in your diet as almonds, since you can incorporate them both in sweet and savory dishes.


Spinach is among the vegetables with the most vitamin E , specifically 2.03 grams per 100 grams. They are a classic of any healthy diet, since they provide you with many other beneficial nutrients for your body.

It is better to consume them raw so as not to lose their properties when cooked, but forget about qualifying them as a “boring” food. There are endless ways to prepare them , all of them delicious. Choose the one you like!


We changed the category to highlight the avocado among the fruits with the most vitamin E , with a contribution of 2.07 grams per 100 grams.


It is very versatile and you can eat it at any time and in many different ways.

In fact, in recent years, its consumption has become very popular, mainly in countries like Spain, so you will only have to find the way you want it the most.

This is a great food, also rich in fat, which is highly recommended for our health. Therefore, it is one of the featured foods on this food list.


Asparagus contains a total of 2 mg / 100 g, data very similar to what other foods such as octopus can have.


In addition to having vitamin E, they also have other vitamins such as C or group B. It is a diuretic food: They are due to its richness in potassium and an acid characteristic of this food (asparagine).

It is perfect to avoid liquid retention problems and can be great to mix with tortillas or scrambled eggs.

7 . KIWI

Kiwi is another of the fruits that stands out for its contribution of vitamin E and, in addition, it contains many other nutrients that will make you feel more vital.

There are two main varieties -the classic green and the yellow with a sweeter point- and you can consume the one you like the most, but, for the present case, the Zespri ™ SunGold kiwifruit stands out compared to the green variety, since it contains 1.4 grams of vitamin E per 100 grams.


Discover different recipes with kiwi that will confirm that eating healthy is not at odds with enjoying delicious dishes.

These are just a few of the foods that contain vitamin E, but the list is long.

Do not hesitate to incorporate them into your weekly planning to achieve a balanced and healthy diet!

Consuming the necessary amounts of each nutrient is very important to feel good, and to maintain vitality, you must combine eating with the practice of exercise.


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