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6 foods that will help you reduce abdominal bloating in summer


Discover the 6 foods that will help you reduce abdominal bloating in summer.

With the arrival of summer, we think of one and a thousand ways to avoid abdominal swelling, so here we show you 6 foods that will help you fight it

Many people suffer from swelling in the abdomen area during all months of the year, but with the arrival of summer, this annoying condition suffers even more.

And we all want to have a perfect body and a flat abdomen to show off on the beach. So we look for many ways to avoid the bulge that arises in the abdominal area, and that we could reduce more easily than if it were fat.


Belly swelling can appear for many reasons, and if it is not governed by a specific pathology it can be controlled very easily.

In the first place, having a healthy diet that allows us to control the food intake that we have on a day-to-day basis.

On the other hand, doing physical activity regularly allows us to activate our intestinal transit and our metabolism.

In addition, certain foods can help you avoid this annoying sensation that appears in the abdomen area.


Next, we are going to show you 6 ideal products to incorporate into your diet if you want to have a flat stomach with the arrival of summer. Since all of them avoid diseases such as constipation or the continuous appearance of gases.

Foods that will help you avoid abdominal bloating

Aerobic exercises are essential to reduce the abdomen as soon as possible. Thus, an activity as basic as running allows you to burn a large number of calories and reduce abdominal bloating.

But we can also include in our diet foods that prevent the accumulation of gases and other conditions that cause us this annoying problem.


Yogurts or fermented milk, without added sugar

If your bloating in the belly is not due to lactose intolerance or an allergy to it, yogurts and fermented milk can be great allies to avoid it.


In addition, they are a great source of natural probiotics which favor intestinal flora and improves digestive transit.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking large amounts of water during the day is essential to improve the functioning of our bodies. So, in the same way, we will be improving the activity of our digestive system. Additionally, this helps prevent fluid retention and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Stewed or cooked fruits

Fruits, thanks to the fact that they have high levels of fiber in their composition, help prevent inflammatory bowel diseases.

Although it is true that if you suffer from abdominal bloating, it is best to take them cooked or in compote.


Since it is the healthiest way to avoid that its massive intake harms our digestive system. In addition, we can also choose very ripe fruit instead of raw.


Fish are very easy for our body to digest, so if you have problems with stomach inflammation, it is best to opt for a diet based on this food.

Bluefish are rich in omega-3s so they are perfect for preventing and controlling abdominal inflammation. These types of products are the most recommended by experts in soft diets.

Cooked vegetables

Vegetables are healthy and recommended in any of their forms, but in this particular case, it is best to choose to cook them in water before eating them. Since this will eliminate the production of gases that normally causes eating them without any previous modification.


Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is a perfect food to take care of our digestive system. And, according to experts, it works as a perfect natural anti-inflammatory treatment. The best thing is that we use it as the main source of fat in our daily diet.


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