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6 foods that will help you eliminate intestinal parasites naturally


Discover the 6 foods that will help you eliminate intestinal parasites naturally.

Parasites can cause a lot of intestinal pain and problems, fight them naturally

The parasites are microorganisms that refuge in the intestine and to the living organism as a host feeds it, causing various problems.

Some symptoms are stomach pain, abdominal bloating, periods of diarrhea with constipation, foul-smelling stools, excess gas, itching in the anus, craving for sweet things, frequent tiredness for no reason, among others.


The most common way of acquiring parasites is by eating food that is not properly disinfected or washed, as well as food in poor condition or when we are in contact with animals or people that have parasites. The most serious symptoms of parasites can lead to cramps, seizures, and in the long term, malnutrition, so it is essential to address this problem.

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To avoid these situations, doctors recommend deworming twice a year, although we do not always heed this advice. In this article, we talk about 6 foods that will help you eliminate intestinal parasites naturally, but remember that these remedies tend to work better as a companion to treatment and that it is always better to know the opinion of a doctor.

6 foods to eliminate intestinal parasites

1. Garlic

It is one of the best known natural remedies to eliminate parasites, this is due to the natural antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic properties, which come from allicin, its main active compound that among many other benefits, helps to expel worms and clean the digestive tract. It is best to consume a half-crushed and raw garlic clove on an empty stomach with a glass of water.


2. Epazote

Epazote is an herb that has been used for many years as a natural dewormer in Mexico, due to ascarid, or, a compound that helps eliminate worms and protozoa. However, this is a compound that is toxic in high doses, so you must be very careful when using it for these purposes.


It is recommended to prepare a tea in a cup of water with only 4 epazote leaves, without a small stem (since the active ingredient is highly concentrated and can be harmful), let it boil and you should only drink half a cup on an empty stomach for only 3 days. If digestive pain, inflammation, or another condition occurs, you should see a doctor immediately.

3. Nuggets

Pumpkin seeds or seeds have been used in a popular way to treat intestinal parasites, especially tapeworms, tapeworms, and Ascaris, because its active compound cucurbitacin, an alkaloid with vermifuge properties, paralyzes intestinal parasites and allows them to be detached. of the intestinal wall, which facilitates its expulsion.

The way to use it is natural, without roasting, they are taken raw on an empty stomach or 50 grams of seeds are added in the blender with a glass of water. It is also advisable to accompany it with a laxative so that the worms are finally expelled, although it is important to undergo medical treatment and follow-up to eliminate these parasites.


4. Hydrastis

It is a plant native to North America that has been traditionally used by the North American indigenous population as a remedy to treat diarrhea, especially of parasitic origin. This is due to berberine, an alkaloid that acts as a powerful antimicrobial that fights parasites; however, this plant is in danger of extinction and its sale is controlled.

However, other plants such as barberry or coptis, and mahonia, are used as alternatives for their active berberine. This plant is prepared in an infusion and must be taken under medical supervision, as it can have side effects and immunosuppressants.

5. Papaya seeds

This product that we regularly discard is an important source of papain, a compound that helps improve the digestive system and helps clean the tract, fighting worms, since it has an antiparasitic, antibiotic, and anti-inflammatory effect. Its ability to rebuild bacterial flora and expel worms is an excellent natural remedy.

The most advisable thing is to include about 40 papaya seeds with a few pieces of the pulp of the same fruit and blend it until obtaining a homogeneous mixture. Take 30 minutes before breakfast and do not use it for more than 6 days as it has a natural laxative effect.


6. Coconut water

Coconut water is known for its antibacterial power, but it also has compounds that give it an antibiotic and antiparasitic effect, in addition to helping to hydrate the body when you have had diarrhea caused by intestinal parasites.

Regularly consuming natural coconut water (not those from the supermarket that have additives) is a very effective way to get rid of stomach worms, control digestive tract pain, combat inflammation, gas, and pain.


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