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6 breakfast foods that will help you lose weight


Discover the 6 breakfast foods that will help you lose weight.

There is still the debate as to whether it is better to eat breakfast or not, but if you are one of those who have opted for the former, you will like to know those foods that will help you lose weight according to science

For many people, it is better to lose weight to avoid eating any food at breakfast time.

On the contrary, there is also the belief that the first meal after an overnight fast is the most important of the day.


So the best thing is that it is varied, balanced, and contains all the necessary nutrients to activate our body.

Numerous studies confirm some of these varied opinions. For example, the one that was published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Which found that people who ate a breakfast with a high amount of calories, had an easier time for their body to eliminate fat from meals.

In Spain, according to a study carried out by the Spanish Nutrition Foundation, more than 55% of Spaniards do not have breakfast for more than 10 minutes.


Although we must also highlight the importance of the type of products that we are going to consume.

Since it will not be the same to have pastries or very sugary coffees for breakfast, then fruits or natural yogurts.

6 foods that will help you lose weight at breakfast

According to science, there are some foods to add to breakfast that will help you lose weight. These contain many vitamins and nutrients, plus they are low in calories and saturated fat.

Wheat germ

This is a constituent of the wheat grain, and it contains vitamins, minerals, magnesium, and fiber. Experts say that incorporating food with a high fiber content in breakfast is essential to encourage weight loss in our bodies. In addition, it helps prevent obesity and cardiovascular diseases such as type 2 diabetes.



Yogurt, and especially Greek yogurt, is an ideal product if you are looking to lose weight. And is that due to its large amount of protein, helps reduce hunger and increases the feeling of satiety. This is a perfect food to eliminate the intake of other more caloric products. Like cookies or candy packed with saturated fat.


Eggs are a classic of American breakfast par excellence. And this is a very positive thing. They contain a large number of proteins, vitamins, and minerals that will make our bodies healthier.

Due to their high protein content, eggs will help to satisfy the appetite considerably. So if you are looking to lose weight, it is a fundamental food that you should incorporate in your first meal of the day.


This fruit is very healthy food to start the day in a healthy and varied way. It contains a lot of fiber that will help control our intestinal transit and improve our digestive system.


In addition, it can be an optimal alternative to avoid consuming sugary cereals.

A medium-sized banana has no more than 100 calories. And the fiber that we are going to get is abundant in the caloric intake it contains. So without any doubt, it is a product that we must include in our daily breakfast.


Grapefruits are part of the weight loss diet of many people. And it is that in its composition we will find a large amount of water and fiber that will help us lose weight.



Without a doubt, one of the most consumed foods for breakfast even more than eggs.

And is that coffee is an essential product in the mornings of many people who use it to acquire that energy necessary to start the day.

But in addition, the caffeine that it has in its composition is very beneficial to start activating our metabolism.


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