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5 healthy foods to lower triglycerides


Discover the 5 healthy foods to lower triglycerides.

In case of having high triglycerides, the healthy foods that we are going to detail below could be of great help to regulate them

High triglycerides are a silent, but dangerous disease that affects more and more people around the world.

Food is the main cause of these levels getting out of control, so leading a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is essential to avoid surprises that can cause problems in the long run.


To understand the danger of high levels of triglycerides, we must bear in mind that these are a type of fat that is in our blood and allows us to generate energy.

At adequate levels, triglycerides are essential for our body, but if we exceed the limit it could stimulate the production of triglycerides in the liver, which would lead to a series of complications .

High triglyceride levels are directly related to the health of our heart, liver and pancreas , so it is necessary to limit the intake of foods that contain this fat in large quantities.

For this simple reason, it is advisable to lead a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet.


Avoiding high triglyceride levels will allow us to enjoy better health and continue to enjoy our day-to-day life with vitality.

For this reason, we list five healthy foods to include in your diet if you want to lower triglycerides.

Foods to lower triglyceride levels

The most recommended thing so that unwanted fat is not stored in our body and to stop a rise in triglycerides is to take care of our diet, eat it in a healthy way, see the calories we eat daily and check how many we really need.


For this reason, we reveal the 5 foods that are of great help to reduce fat intake and lower triglycerides in our diet.



Avocados are one of the preferred options by consumers to lower triglyceride levels.

The fiber and healthy fats it contains are excellent for stabilizing these levels, being extremely useful for maintaining general health and energy in our body.


Spinach is one of the foods most recommended by experts to regulate high triglycerides thanks to its high amount of fiber.

In addition, it helps raise hemoglobin or red blood cells due to its high iron properties.



Broccoli is not made for all palates because of its strong smell and taste. However, this vegetable provides healthy benefits to our body.

The ideal is to accompany the broccoli with rice, or we can also cook it on the grill with soy sauce and lemon.


The oatmeal is one of the easiest and healthier options to lower triglycerides . Thanks to its powerful source of carbohydrates and being rich in fiber, oats can produce a satiating effect that will calm our cravings for food. In addition, we can add protein and fruits.


Cauliflower is a high fiber vegetable and great for lowering carbohydrates and blood sugar. Therefore, it is a great ally to curb high triglyceride levels.


You can try it roasted with spices or being an excellent substitute for rice if you are looking to reduce carbohydrate consumption.


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