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20 fruit juices for diabetics


Discover the 20 fruit juices for diabetics.

Juices are very healthy drinks as long as you don’t abuse refined sugar or replace it with healthier sugars. However, it is always more advantageous for the body to consume fresh fruit. Why? Because they contain a lot of natural fiber and bioflavonoids that help control the glycemic response in the blood but these are lost when squeezing the juices.

We all like a refreshing juice in the morning, with lunch, or during the day to hydrate ourselves. However, we have always heard that for some people juices are restricted drinks due to their high sugar content. But… how true is this?

Diabetes is a very common disease nowadays, which arises when insulin levels drop (either due to resistance or total absence of insulin).


Diabetic people follow a special diet to control their blood glucose levels and therefore regulate the consumption of certain foods, including juices. However, some juices can be beneficial for leveling blood sugar when there is a sudden drop.

Whether or not you have diabetes, if you want to maintain a healthy life, at Free Recipe we bring you these 20 fruit juices for diabetics. I invite you to try these natural drinks whose attributes will keep your glucose levels stable as long as you consume them in moderation and your GP has not prescribed anything else for you.

Is it advisable to consume fruit juices if you are diabetic?

Unfortunately, consuming juices is not recommended, but that does not mean that there are forbidden fruits for diabetics or anything like that.

Why is it not the most recommended? Because juices in general contain a lot of sugar (the natural one from the fruit, also known as fructose, and the added one, whether refined or not) and they also lose the natural fiber and bioflavonoids during the blending process. That is, taking a few sips of juice is similar to consuming 2 or 3 fruits but with little fiber.


What if there is almost no fiber? There are no substances that control the intake of sugar in the body or its derivative insulin response. Therefore, it is recommended to consume whole fruit, as it provides many nutrients, fiber, and antioxidants and also contributes to the control of blood glucose.

However, although juices are not the best food option for someone with a diabetic condition, they are not radically prohibited either, but must be ingested in a very controlled manner and always under the prior medical supervision of diabetes, whatever its type.

The most recommended sugar-free juices for diabetics are the natural ones since the industrial ones have a lot of sugar and chemical additives. On average the recommended consumption of natural juice without sugar is 1 time per week.

On the other hand, adding certain foods to natural juices favors the control of blood glucose levels. Two excellent options are ginger and cinnamon because they do not contain sugar and lower the glycemic index of the food. On the other hand, if you prefer to reinforce the nutrients of the juice and add cleansing qualities, add a teaspoon of hemp protein or spirulina powder.


Other alternatives for your juices are flaxseed, basil, stevia, psyllium, mint, or chia. Remember that stevia is a natural sweetener that lowers blood sugar levels, which helps control diabetes while sweetening beverages.

Advice: For diabetics, it is not advisable to eat fruits in syrup.

Natural juices for diabetes: a great alternative is green juices

Green juices or green juices, unlike fruit juices, are an excellent alternative for diabetics. Why? Because these juices come from vegetables, which stand out for having very few carbohydrates (and therefore have a low glycemic index), abundant chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene, folic acid… . among others.

These substances combat many of the organic disorders caused by diabetes. For this reason, here I suggest several very healthy green juices for diabetics :


•Green detox lettuce and chayote juice

•Watercress and cucumber smoothie

•spinach detox juice

•Celery juice with thermomix


•Cucumber Broccoli Green Smoothie

•Green smoothie for after training

If I am diabetic can I drink orange juice?

Surely you have ever wondered if I am diabetic can I drink orange juice? The answer is yes, although there are exceptional cases.

The orange as fruit is beneficial for diabetics but in controlled amounts and with the proper medical recommendation. This whole fruit has high levels of fiber that favor the slow absorption of sugar in the blood, and this means that it does not pass as quickly into the bloodstream.


In the case of orange juice, it is different because it contains more sugar than fruit and the body absorbs it more quickly due to the loss of fiber during the smoothie. Final score? A drastic alteration of the glycemic levels in the blood. Therefore, it is recommended to consume it only occasionally and not daily.

However, orange juice at a specific time can save the life of a diabetic person. When? During an episode of hypoglycemia, caused by the use of insulin and a sudden reaction to it.

Diabetics who need insulin are exposed to this situation because sugar can drop drastically suddenly. In this case, consuming orange juice will raise blood sugar levels rapidly.


As you can see, there are no harmful fruits for diabetics, but it all depends on how they are consumed. There are fruits with more or less fructose (which is always healthier than refined sugar) in their composition, but this does not mean that diabetics or those who follow a diet cannot consume them.


Orange juice, for example, is not recommended for diabetics, however, the whole orange is beneficial for them and other people.

Juice recipes for diabetics: fruit and/or vegetable juices

What fruits are good for diabetes? As mentioned above, there are fruits with more or less sugar or fructose that should be consumed to a greater or lesser extent depending on the person and the type of diabetes, but it is important to make it clear that there is no systematic prohibition unless the doctor specifically scheduled it due to any other related problem.

In general terms, a possible “list of fruits for diabetics” would be this: among the fruits with less sugar, apples, cherries (not in syrup), black plums, guava, grapefruit, avocado, strawberries stand out. or strawberries, oranges, tomatoes, kiwi…

These foods help control blood glucose levels and provide many nutrients. On the other hand, those that are recommended to consume moderately due to their high sugar content are grapes, custard apples, melons, bananas, figs, dehydrated fruits, mangoes, or pineapples.


Bearing this in mind, you can prepare delicious fruit juice recipes for diabetics, perfect for any time you feel like it, as long as you take them in moderation, such as the following that are so appetizing and healthy that you are healthy that we propose:

•antioxidant orange juice

•Cucumber, Celery, and Green Apple Smoothie

•Spinach, celery, and apple juice


•original green juice

•Green apple smoothie with kiwi

•Beetroot, carrot, and apple smoothie

•Beetroot and Strawberry Smoothie


•Purifying carrot and apple juice

•Purifying pomegranate and grapefruit juice

•Pomegranate and orange juice with carrot

•antioxidant carrot juice


•Kiwi and lemon water

•Cucumber water with lemon

Remember to balance your diet. If you add one juice a week, that day you should balance your sugar intake (simple and complex carbohydrates) by consuming foods that balance it.

Some foods that can accompany these juices are nuts, natural unsweetened yogurt, eggs, or even whole grain bread with seeds. If in doubt consult your doctor.


Tip: Carrots are very rich in vitamin A, an excellent nutrient for improving diabetic conditions.

Ready to cook?

Preparing a delicious healthy juice taking advantage of the qualities of the fruit and with low sugar content is beneficial for diabetics, people who follow a diet, do fitness, or consumers in general.

We can all drink these 20 fruit juices for diabetics and others in moderation and know that it is always healthier to consume the whole fruit.


I hope you like these juice recipes for diabetics that we have chosen for you and tell us how they worked for you at home. Remember, before adding food to your daily diet, you should always consult your doctor and/or dietician/nutritionist first.


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