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13 healthy and nutritious snacks for children


Discover the 13 healthy and nutritious snacks for children.

Today we want to give more relevance to snack time since it is one of the healthiest and most important meals so that it does not become a snack – routine, which ends up boring us. For this reason, today we are going to recommend 13 healthy and nutritious snacks for children.

From time to time, in addition to publishing recipes for children, for pregnant women or to make with our children, sharing a good time in the kitchen, we feel like making compilations with the recipes published in Babies and more and in other sister blogs such as Directo al Palate to make it easier for you to find the most appetizing recipes for your family.

That sandwich of bread and chocolate that we enjoyed as children, while our hands and the surroundings of our mouths get dirty, or the classic chorizo sandwich on crusty bread, is a classic of our snacks.


In this section, in addition to remembering our recess experiences and the options we had, we want to highlight that sandwiches are an excellent option for snacks, whether they are made with sliced bread, loaf bread, or in other forms.

In any case, today our concept of sandwiches has changed and we propose other better solutions than bread with chorizo or with chocolate for snacks.

Nothing like a sandwich, -of the appropriate size for the age of the person who is going to eat it-, to enjoy a very traditional way of eating in our country. For the little ones, we recommend our version, a sandwich that makes fun and makes the snack of the little ones very fun. With cheese, tomato, arugula, and marinated loin, inside a hamburger bun, this sandwich delights young and old.

Sandwiches to enjoy the afternoon snack

Instead of falling and always falling back on the same sandwiches, York ham, and cheese, or Serrano ham with tomato, to give a few examples, the world of sandwiches opens up a lot of possibilities for our snacks. sons.


A good sample of the possibilities that sandwiches have can be given to you by this bacon, gorgonzola cheese, and pear sandwich that will surprise everyone with its delicious flavor contrasts. Seriously, do not stop trying this combination of ingredients.


We also want to recommend another great sandwich on toasted bread, the arugula and bacon sandwich, whose photo you can see at the top of this entry, and surely you have lost sight of its appetizing appearance for a while.

Varying from the classic bikini/mixed, ham and cheese, we propose this variation in which we use mortadella and a Galician cheese such as San Simón to achieve greater creaminess and a touch of flavor thanks to the caramelized onion. They will surely eat it wonderfully, varying from the usual “sandwiches”.

Fruit is the ideal ingredient in snacks


Do not forget that one of the best options for snack time is fruit. From preparing a tangerine cream that surprises them or making a kiwi stuffed with cheese, we always have the possibility of combining the fruit in fruit salads or making special preparations so that they get used to eating such healthy ingredients daily.

Different snacks

One of the best options to get our children used to snacks is to offer different possibilities so that it is not always the same. Some days a sandwich, others a sandwich, others we enjoy a cake or some homemade muffins, and others we enjoy the fruit. This way they get used to eating everything and they open up the possibility of making different snacks, depending on the ingredients we have.

Among other different suggestions, we suggest the rolled ham and cheese tortillas, the hot dogs made inside puff pastry, which always eat phenomenally, or some breaded cheese portions, which will leave you speechless, and our papa burger or potato tortilla inside bread Burger.

Pastries and homemade cakes

Although it is not the most recommended option for snacks, our children will undoubtedly want to snack on a bun or cookie from time to time. In those cases, homemade pastries and pastries are preferable to industrial ones. In addition, with our buns made by us or even with your help, we will get them used to home products, in which fat and sugar will be more controlled.


Thus, the afternoon snack can consist of a good glass of milk -with or without cocoa- accompanied by our butter and chocolate cookies, homemade sponge cakes, or pancakes with nuts and dulce de leche, one of the favorite recipes for all children.

Remember what was said about what a complete snack should contain for children and do not hesitate to take the courage and prepare original, healthy and nutritious snacks, which help them grow so much. We hope that these thirteen suggestions to improve snacks are well received in your home.


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