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11 tips to get pregnant fast


Discover the 11 tips to get pregnant fast.

It is not decided to increase the family from one day to the next and, when you are finally convinced that the time has come, it seems that nature eludes you and you cannot get pregnant.

It is usually because many factors influence the pregnancy test to show the long-awaited positive. This waiting makes many women anxious and even obsessed with becoming pregnant without there being any medical reason that prevents pregnancy.

But it is that achieving pregnancy depends on many things. For example, if you have been taking the pill or another hormonal contraceptive for a long time, your body has to return to its natural cycle.


However, some healthy lifestyle habits can increase your chances of getting pregnant. Here are some tips to help you get pregnant sooner.

1.- Adopt healthy habits

If you decide that you want to have a baby, before trying it you must prepare your body. The first thing is to start by abandoning possible harmful habits, such as smoking, using alcohol or drugs, and often staying up late.

It is a good time to lose those extra kilos and start exercising gradually if we did not do it.

In case you didn’t know, both being extremely thin and being overweight can affect fertility, as they often cause menstrual disorders. Ideally, your body mass index (BMI) should be between 20-and 25.


2.- Follow a balanced healthy diet

“If a woman eats more than she should or ignores meals, she will gain weight, which implies greater production of insulin and androgens and, therefore, decreased fertility.”

This is how Dr. Jan Tesarik, director of the Margen Clinic, explains the importance of not eating more than necessary, but not less either since diets low in fat and protein (for example) can also harm fertility. Ideally, seek balance.

It is interesting to reduce the consumption of fried foods and fats, and not abuse salt, sugar, coffee, tea, cola drinks, and caffeine. Of course, try to introduce foods rich in folic acid into your diet.

3.- Setting up the father

The future father also has to adopt a healthy life so that the chances of pregnancy increase.


Alcohol not only does not awaken the libido but also weakens the semen and causes erection problems.

Other ways to improve male fertility are through a healthy diet and exercise. Obesity is one of the causes of infertility.

And to improve the quality of the sperm, it is better to avoid an increase in temperature in the genital area caused by too-tight clothing or sitting for a long time.

4.- Ask for a preconception consultation

A visit to the gynecologist is always recommended before looking for pregnancy. This consultation serves to prepare the optimal state of health for the mother to face the pregnancy, update her gynecological history, and receive the corresponding medical advice…


If in your case you also suffer from a chronic disease such as diabetes, heart problems, thyroid…, then the preconception visit is essential to keep a closer control when the pregnancy arrives and not put the pregnancy at risk.

5.- Do not forget to take folic acid

It will be the gynecologist who prescribes folic acid supplementation. This nutrient participates in the formation of the maternal tissues during pregnancy, it can help the mother prepare her body and have correct levels of folates in the previous stage and the first months of pregnancy.

The ideal period for this pharmacological supplementation is from at least two months before the start of pregnancy, until the 12th week of gestation.

In addition, the closure of the fetal neural tube occurs between days 22 and 28² of gestation, a time when many women do not yet know they are pregnant.


6.- Know your menstrual cycle

It is not convenient for the couple to be aware of the calendar, but it is practical to know the cycle and the fertile days, because it varies from one woman to another, and even in the same woman it can vary from one month to another.


A regular cycle lasts an average of 28 days counted from the first day of menstruation, but it is considered normal for it to last between 21 and 35 days.

From the first day of the period until the middle of the cycle there is an increase in estrogen. A new egg begins to mature and days later is expelled from the ovary. During the days when the egg travels down the fallopian tubes to the uterus, ovulation occurs.

The middle 6-7 days of the cycle are your fertile days (day 14, plus the 3 days before and 3 days after). If you have sexual intercourse during these days and a sperm fertilizes the egg and it adheres to the walls of the uterus, it would start a pregnancy.


The life of sperm is approximately seven days but that of an egg is much shorter, being between 12 and 24 hours from the first day of ovulation. For this reason, it is more advisable to try it on your fertile days.

7.- Practice sex frequently

You can help yourself with an ovulation test to find out what your fertile days are, but it is best to have sex without obsessing about it and, of course, also the days when you are not ovulating.

Because no advice will be effective if you do not have the essential sexual relations and the more frequently, the better, although on this point there are discrepancies among the experts.

Studies seem to indicate that having sex daily increases the probability of achieving it and also does not seem to significantly affect seminal quality.


In the case of irregular cycles (such as that of women with polycystic ovary syndrome), the matter is complicated, because knowing when you ovulate is not easy. Then it is convenient to have sexual intercourse more frequently throughout the whole month or two months.

You must bear in mind that the quality of the sperm improves if a margin of 48 hours is left between each ejaculation.

8.- Try propitious sexual positions

Although it does not seem very real that adopting a series of sexual positions favors pregnancy over others, why not try them all? It’s fun, it relieves the stress of trying to get pregnant when it doesn’t happen, and it’s completely harmless.

Either way, however, as long as the ejaculation occurs inside the vagina and the sperm stays there.


The traditional missionary position, in which the woman is below and the man above, is perhaps the most appropriate to achieve this.

If you have sex standing up and the semen comes out, it is more difficult for it to reach the ovum (although there will be remains inside that could).

The measure that the woman keeps her legs elevated after making love to encourage the sperm to reach the egg is useless according to recent studies, although nothing is lost by trying.

9.- Out of stress

Stress is one of the most difficult factors during pregnancy. Women with a lot of tension tend to have irregular menstrual cycles and men tend to have a decrease in their sperm levels.


The couple must learn to relax to improve their relationships. Massages can help.

10.- Avoid obsessing over the search for the baby

Often, when the couple does not get pregnant, it creates extra stress. Thus, one enters a never-ending wheel, since stress produces infertility and infertility generates stress.

Therefore, try to reduce anxiety and enjoy your relationships without thinking about pregnancy. Many times, when the couple with problems having children relaxes, the baby arrives.

11.- Ask for specialized help if the pregnancy is too late

Pregnancy usually takes an average of six months to arrive. We do not have to worry if, despite following these tips, the test does not give a positive result. It is recommended to seek help a year after seeking pregnancy if you are under 35 years of age or after six months if you are over that age.


A medical control will be able to determine if there is any physiological difficulty and in any case, if in the end the woman still cannot get pregnant, the possibility of resorting to assisted reproduction techniques will be assessed.

Remember that sometimes a good dose of patience is necessary. Look for pregnancy and good luck.


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