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11 Iron-rich fruits


Discover the 11 Iron-rich fruits.

Iron is an essential nutrient for the functioning of the body since it is involved in the process of oxygen transport, the activity of the muscles, and the nervous system. This mineral can be obtained through fruits such as coconut, strawberries, and dried fruits, such as pistachios, walnuts, or peanuts.

The advantage of using fruits rich in iron is that many of them are also rich in vitamin C, which is a vitamin that promotes the absorption of plant-based iron by the body, contributing to the prevention and treatment of anemia.


Knowing which fruits are rich in iron is important for people who are vegetarians or vegans since by not consuming meats, these can be a good source of iron to avoid its deficiency.

Fruits rich in iron are a good alternative to enrich and also serve as a complementary alternative in the prevention and treatment of anemia in children, adults, or pregnant women. Some examples of fruits that contain iron are:

Pistachios 6.8 mg

Apricot / dried apricot 5.8 mg


Raisin 4.8 mg

Dry coconut 3.6 mg

Walnuts 2.6 mg

Peanuts 2.2 mg


Strawberries 0.8 mg

Blackberries 0.6 mg

Banana 0.4 mg

Avocado 0.3 mg


Cherry 0.3 mg

The fruits mentioned in the table are dehydrated since these presentations have a higher amount of iron, however, they also have a higher content of carbohydrates, being important to eat them in moderation, because their excess can increase sugar levels in the blood, contributing to the development of diabetes. Additionally, consuming excess carbohydrates can also promote weight gain. 

Health benefits of iron

Iron performs several functions in the body, because in hemoglobin it combines with oxygen, allowing it to be transported and transferred to the tissues to participate in oxidation reactions, important in the production of energy from food. In addition, iron is also important for the proper functioning of the immune system and participates in various reactions in the body.

Iron deficiency affects the proper functioning of the body because the activity of many enzymes involved in these biochemical reactions of metabolism is affected. Learn about the main symptoms of anemia and how to identify them.


How to increase iron absorption

To increase the absorption of iron from fruits, it is important to give priority to a varied diet rich in vitamin C, which contains tomato, broccoli, purple cabbage, or fresh orange, since this nutrient facilitates the absorption of iron. Learn about other foods rich in vitamin C. 

Another way to increase the absorption of iron from fruits is to eat foods rich in vitamin A, such as carrots, tomatoes, and spinach since this vitamin also promotes the absorption of iron by the body. See other fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A.

For those who are not vegetarians, you can eat an animal protein source, such as eggs, meat, chicken, or fish, as animal protein can also increase iron absorption. 

In addition, it is important to avoid consuming foods rich in calcium at the same meal, such as milk and its derivatives; with tannins, such as cocoa and quinoa; and high-fiber foods, such as brown rice, soybeans, and oatmeal flakes. These types of foods can alter the absorption of iron from fruits, so they must be eaten separately.


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