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10 shocking foods high in potassium


Discover the 10 shocking foods high in potassium.

Participating in the acid-base balance, in muscle contraction, in the regulation of heart rate or even blood pressure … Potassium has many interests for our body. It is therefore important to consume foods that are rich in them.

Potassium is one of the substances that regulate the electrolyte balance in our body. Its functions are numerous: it participates in the nervous impulse and the contraction of the muscles.


It promotes the proper functioning of the kidneys and prevents water retention. It also maintains a stable heart rate and limits blood pressure.

Another important point: potassium, with sodium, ensures an acid-base balance in the body to maintain its pH at an acceptable level. “Potassium counteracts the chronic acidosis caused by an excess of sodium chloride.

Even if you add a little salt to your food, it is very present in bread, cheese, bouillon cubes, appetizer cakes, pizza… These foods are bombs!

We must therefore consume foods rich in potassium to alkalize the body and avoid demineralizing the bones “, explains Angélique Hulbert, dietitian-nutritionist and author of The best way to eat   (Thierry Souccar editions).


Potassium is found in many To help you choose the right foods, here are 10 foods that are high in potassium *.

1. Dried kombu seaweed (10600 mg / 100g)

It is the food that contains the most potassium. ” Even if it is difficult to eat a large quantity of it during a meal, it is possible to sprinkle it regularly on salads”, suggests Angélique Hulbert.

Kombu seaweed can also be used to speed up the cooking of pulses and legumes and make them more digestible.


You can also cover your meat and fish with it. Vary the pleasures by consuming various algae also rich in potassium and presenting many other nutritional advantages: sea beans, dulse, wakame …

2. Dried tomato (3430 mg / 100g)

Sold in a jar, the dried tomato can be eaten all year round, even in the middle of winter. Decorate your salads with this one to give them pep’s and take advantage of its virtues.

“The dried tomato contains fibers which promote transit and lycopene which protects the skin and the prostate “, assures Angélique Hulbert. What to treat you by taking care of your health!


3. White beans (1660 mg / 100g)

White beans are a very good source of potassium. Avoid salting the cooking water to preserve their benefits on the acid-base balance.

You can, on the other hand, add a tablespoon of baking soda when cooking to improve their digestibility.

” Other pulses like red beans, split peas, chickpeas are also high in potassium. Vary them because each provides additional nutrients.


You can eat them three times a week with vegetables, ” suggests the expert.

4. Whole soybean (1740 mg / 100g)

Besides being rich in potassium, the whole soybean also contains protein. It thus represents an interesting alternative to meat.

In addition, it is provided with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, “good fats” important for limiting cholesterol and preserving the heart.


You will find the soybean in organic stores. But the dietitian-nutritionist recalls that it is better to avoid taking its salty version to maintain the beneficial effect of its potassium content.

The soybean should be consumed in moderation because of the isoflavones it contains.

5. Dried apricot (1090 mg / 100g)


“Dried apricots also contain beta-carotene which is very good for the skin. It’s a perfect idea for a nice and healthy snack! Be careful, however, because only organic apricots are sulfite-free!”, warns Angélique Hulbert.


Sulfites are additives used to prevent their browning. The expert recommends buying dried apricots in bulk to limit their cost. Finally, another advantage, they keep for a very long time.

6. Pistachio (1020 mg / 100g)

” Pistachios contain good fats, fibers … They stall small appetites, it is a good solution to avoid harmful snacking.

You can eat 30 g per day, the equivalent of a handful”, specifies the nutritionist.


Again, alternate with other oilseeds also rich in potassium: hazelnuts (755 mg / 100g), almonds (705 mg / 100g)…

You will thus supplement their nutritional contributions. Almonds are, for example, a very good source of calcium.

7. Raw sardines (580 mg / 100g)


” Sardines are rich in potassium and omega 3, which is good for the heart. This small fish also has the advantage of not being too affected by pollution”, remarks Angélique Hulbert.

The potassium content of sardines is higher when you cook them raw, but you can also eat them grilled or canned for convenience.

Its potassium content is then respectively 400 mg / 100g and 368 mg / 100g.

8. Raw spinach (504 mg / 100g)


Spinach is one of the green vegetables that are high in potassium.

The nutritionist reports that they also contain lutein, a pigment that protects the eyes and helps prevent cataracts.

You can eat spinach raw by making salads, for example, or cooked in cream, in lasagna …

However, when they are cooked, their potassium content then drops to 396 mg / 100g.


9. Raw fennel (405 mg / 100g)

Fennel is eaten raw in salads, for example, cooked or in seeds. In this latest version, its potassium content is then 1690 mg / 100g! ”

Fennel contains fiber to promote intestinal transit and a little beta-carotene to preserve the beauty of the skin.

It is 92% water and is a good source of hydration for the body,” says the expert. Finally, very low in calories, it is a slimming ally!


10. Bananas (360 mg / 100g)

Easy to transport, bananas are a fruit rich in potassium which provides long-lasting energy and improves resistance.

It can be consumed at any time of the day, with muesli for breakfast, as a snack …

It is also the ally of athletes who can eat it before a workout. ” Bananas counterbalance the lactic acid produced by the body during exercise.


As it is a source of potassium, it also promotes muscle activity,” says the nutritionist.


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