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10 foods to avoid if you have heartburn


Discover the 10 foods to avoid if you have heartburn.

When you suffer from heartburn, the after-meal is often unpleasant and painful … In fact, heartburn is one of the symptoms of a phenomenon called gastroesophageal reflux disease, better known as “acid reflux”.

And when we suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease, it’s often because the muscle that keeps the contents of our stomach from moving up to our esophagus isn’t working very well.


Suddenly, after meals, we have the impression that our stomach is burning from the inside and that it is all acidified, and in addition, we undergo a lot of gastric reflux. Not the top …

But there is still good news: gastroesophageal reflux is not inevitable! We can avoid acid reflux and heartburn by watching our diet and avoiding certain foods. CuisineAZ presents them to us!

1. Sodas

Sodas are not popular when you keep a minimum of your health: in addition to being very rich in sugars, promoting bloating and cavities, they are also not recommended when you suffer from heartburn.


Explanation: When you consume a soft drink, you swallow air. However, when we have air in the stomach, it creates bloating, and the air present in our stomach constantly presses on the muscle that protects our esophagus from acid reflux.

Suddenly, at any time, we risk acid reflux! Not to mention that sodas are generally very acidifying for the body.

And of course, when you suffer from gastric acidity, it is not recommended!  


2. Fatty rich Foods

We may love fried foods, cold meats, red meats, and cooking with butter, when we suffer from heartburn and gastric reflux, it is better to avoid foods that are too fatty and too rich.

Why? Simply because when you consume fat, the muscle that is supposed to prevent food from moving up from the stomach to the esophagus (the inner esophageal sphincter for the intimate) works less well.

And when food goes up to our esophagus, heartburn always comes immediately …


3. Coffee

Ah, a little coffee or tea break with a square of chocolate, it’s still very pleasant … Well, except maybe when you suffer from heartburn. And yes, unfortunately, who says coffee or tea says caffeine or theine …

Two substances that prevent the internal esophageal sphincter from being at the top of its tone, and which therefore promote acid reflux and heartburn.

As for chocolate, it contains methylxanthines, substances that also cause muscle relaxation.

And if you prefer milk chocolate, be careful: it contains more fat than dark chocolate, and in addition to caffeine. A shock combo for sensitive stomachs …


4. Milk

Milk is a very sweet drink that we often take to soothe our heartburn and calm acidity. Well actually, we are wrong! Although it temporarily relieves burning and discomfort, milk contains calcium, protein, and fat.

Three substances that invite our body to produce stomach acids!

Bottom line: beneath its sweet and harmless air, milk is also a drink to avoid when suffering from heartburn. Water, on the other hand, is recommended! 


5. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol, we cannot repeat it enough, should always be consumed in moderation. And even more when you are prone to heartburn!

There are two reasons for this: firstly, because alcoholic drinks relax the muscle that prevents what is in our stomachs from going up to the esophagus.

Secondly, because certain alcohols (such as wine or liqueurs) are known to generate gastric secretions and therefore increase the acidity of the stomach. An explosive cocktail when you have a fragile stomach …


6. Citrus fruits

When you suffer from heartburn, you shouldn’t consume more than one citrus fruit per day, ideally.

Because if they provide us with vitamins and energy to spare, citrus fruits also have the particularity of being very acidic, and further acidifying the contents of the stomach by increasing gastric secretions.

Lemon on the cake: their acidity is such that sometimes citrus fruits burn the esophagus of people prone to gastric reflux. Grapefruit juice in the morning, but no more eh!  


7. Spices

We love to use spices in cooking to flavor and spice up our dishes without needing to add fat.

The only small problem: spices, in addition to risking burning the lining of the esophagus (ouch!), Increase the production of gastric juices, and therefore the acidity in the stomach.

Suddenly, we are more likely to suffer from painful gastric reflections. It is, therefore, better to avoid too spicy spices, and to favor the sweetest aromatics!  


8. Mint

Mint, we appreciate it in our tea, our fruit salads, our candies, certain sauces … Thanks to it, we are always sure to have a fresh and pleasant breath!

Unfortunately, when you suffer from heartburn, it’s best to avoid consuming it too often.

The reason is simple: mint contains certain acids that make the passage between the stomach and the esophagus smoother.


And which therefore leaves the door open to acid reflux and other gastric reflux … Mention “not good” to mint chewing gum, which in addition increases the risk of bloating!  

9. Tomatoes

Even if the tomato is a fruit that has many benefits (slimming, health, beauty), it should be avoided (depending on tolerance, of course!) For people suffering from acid reflux.

Indeed, the tomato is a fairly acidic fruit that can cause a lot of problems for people with heartburn (risk of gastric reflux, oesophageal pain …).

If this is our case, it is better to eat them without the skin and after removing the seeds: these are the parts of the fruit that are less easy to digest!  


10. Onion

Onion is another vegetable that is very good for health, but it is better to avoid eating too often when you have stomach pain. The reason is simple: when we consume onion, it tends to ferment in our stomach.

In passing, resulting in a decrease in muscle tone which prevents acid reflux, and possible heartburn. As a result, it is better to eat them cooked, and no more than twice a week. Our breath will only be fresher


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